Interview with

Clean Energy Jobs Coalition member John Murphy sat down with Rebecca Swift of to discuss New York’s energy forecast.

They discussed topics including:

  1. What New York can do to strengthen energy reliability before Micron begins manufacturing in Western NY

  2. How energy upgrades at existing power plants can reduce emissions as replacement renewable energy sources are being built

  3. Explained how labor and environmental groups joined forces to advance the “Utility Thermal Network & Jobs Act” into NYS law

  4. The savings potential from installing thermal heating and cooling systems at New York State offices and schools to reduce emissions and lower energy bills

  5. The role thermal systems and new clean energy (hydrogen, new nuclear) technology can play to help New York accomplish its goal of building 800,000 new units of housing?

  6. Why energy resiliency and reliability matters following extreme weather events in Buffalo

  7. New York’s need for more in-state power to keep electric buses and cars charged over the next 15 years

“In order to bring manufacturing back to New York, we need reliable, dispatchable, clean energy,” said John Murphy. He added, “It’s not possible at this stage of the transition to have all renewables, we do not have enough storage capacity and need reliable, dispatchable power. We need an all of the above strategy to reach a clean energy future.”

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