John Murphy Honored as 'Trailblazer in Clean Energy' by City & State


New York's pursuit of a sustainable future is leading the charge in clean energy initiatives. The state's commitment was solidified with the passage of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act in 2019, establishing a comprehensive plan that embraces an "All of the Above Strategy" to reach a clean energy future. A key achievement under this initiative is the completion of the country's first "Utility Thermal Energy Network & Jobs Act," with several pilot projects moving toward implementation. 

City & State Magazine unveiled its inaugural "Trailblazers in Clean Energy" list for 2024, recognizing leading voices in New York's energy transition. This prestigious roster celebrates influential figures from engineering, finance, labor, real estate, and more, including utility executives redefining business practices, academics devising practical solutions to climate challenges, and innovators enhancing energy efficiency.

Among the honorees is John Murphy, a member of the Clean Energy Jobs Coalition and United Association international representative, who has been instrumental in advancing clean energy projects. His recognition as a 'Trailblazer in Clean Energy' highlights his significant contributions by organized labor and the skilled trades to New York's clean energy landscape. This accolade not only celebrates his achievements but also underscores the collaborative spirit needed to drive meaningful environmental and economic change for the Clean Energy Jobs Coalition's 270,000 hard working energy workers, management, their families, and all New Yorkers for years to come.